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Horta circle

    This inlay was inspired by a floor design of the famous art nouveu archetetict Victor Horta of Belgium.  The flow of the design seems to spin with the swirl of branches and leaves.  Small grapes are caught up in the swirl creating the illusion of acceleration. 

As I moved the design from vector to inlay , I saw new levels of space and line.  I like the close work required to fit all the small pieces into the pockets. After the flurry of glue and assembly,  the moment of truth emerges with sanding and finishing.  Will it pop?


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    I've always been addicted to building. From houses to jewelry boxes, there is always something  seductive about moving from design concept, to construction problem  solving. onto finished product  After that, my projects have a life of their own and it's time for me to dream of the next.  On this blog and website you will find a sampling of  the latest project cycles.
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